Fun Engagement Photos (without the cheese)

For a lot of my couples, the thought of having their photo take on their wedding day is enough, let alone booking an additional shoot beforehand! It’s often the thought of feeling/looking awkward, and some of those romantic engagement photos you’ve seen just aren’t your cup of tea.

Every couple that I work with is different and I think it’s super important to represent both your personalities and how you are naturally together. This might mean your are total romantics or perhaps that’s not your thing. It’s my job to get to know you both and use that when I photograph you!

If you have booked your engagement shoot with me or are thinking about it, here’s what to expect (you can also see what’s included here).

When should we book a date?

I recommend booking a date for your shoot with me at least 12 weeks in advance. This means I’ll have better availability for a time that suits you best, particularly if weekends are the only time you can do. Most shoots happen on weekdays or Sundays.

When & where works best?

As a Nottingham based wedding photographer, many of my shoots happen in the Midlands although I love venturing elsewhere! The shoot can take place at any time of year. The key things to consider are light, temperature (this will affect what you wear) and what your preferred location will look like at certain times of year. Here are some examples, and I'll happily research places if you're not sure:

If you love outdoor green spaces, they will work best late spring through to autumn. Winter provides great light too, but the landscape won’t be as lush.

If you’re urbanites and want to shoot around a city location, pretty much any time of year will work depending on how you want your clothes to look (see below).

Fancy a cool indoor space i.e. a victorian greenhouse? This can happen at any time and also gives you more freedom with what you wear; read on...

What should we wear?

With either of the above locations, ask yourselves these questions when deciding when to do the shoot; are you happy to be photographed wrapped up in your winter coat and boots, brolly at the ready for winter weather? Or do you want more freedom with your outfit in the warmer months?

Whichever option you go for, I advise going for clothes that make you feel comfortable and happy. You don’t have to coordinate your outfits against each other either.

Bright colours are great and stand out well against urban/less colourful backdrops.

Neutrals are also great if you want to blend in more with the surroundings.

There a few things that I ask you NOT to wear as they don’t photograph well:

  • Pure white clothing, particularly white shirts
  • Chequered patterns
  • Avoid bringing bulky items like handbags, big coats that you don’t want to wear etc so that you aren’t lugging them around!

What happens at the shoot?

The day is here! And you might be feeling nervous about being photographed. Honestly, 99% of my couples feel this way.

Depending on the location, we can grab a drink somewhere first. This gives us chance to talk without a camera around and I can get to know you both more.

We’ll walk around the area and I’ll look for a backdrop to start with. I’ll start to pose you naturally, in different ways that suit how you interactive with each other. Nothing cheesy I promise! However you’ll probably laugh with me, at me and at yourselves!

I’ll be looking out for interesting light, as this has the biggest impact on how I photograph you. We can seek out any particular spots you like too.

The shoot normally take 1.5 to 2 hours.

When do we see the photos?

Around two weeks after the shoot, I’ll send you the photos via an online gallery for you to download, and so can anyone that you share the gallery with. All the photos are watermark-free and ready to print & share as much as you like! You just can’t sell them to Hello! Magazine…

Keep tuned for more installments in my 'Wedding Photography Guide' blog series and please check out my other blog for wedding-related shenanigans.

Thanks for reading folks!

Charlotte x

Charlotte Jopling

Charlotte Jopling Photography. Charlotte is a creative, documentary wedding photographer based in Derbyshire and working throughout the UK.