animal-loving, nature-inspired artist

I love nothing better than being outdoors, and when I’m not shooting weddings you’ll find me hiking in the Peak District.

At weddings, I’ve been told I’m super calm and make everyone relaxed. I try to interfere as little as possible, avoid instructing people or shouting (I’ll ask someone else too if needed!) I’m always observing, responding, creating. I love how much of an important ritual a wedding day is.

I like to make people laugh wherever possible, and I’ll laugh and cry during the speeches – I feel it all! I’ll have a little chat with your friends and family to put them at ease and get the lowdown, and I will have a little dance and get in the middle of the action for the shot! People always assume I know the couple, and say I fitted into the day just like a guest – which is the ultimate compliment.

Things I love…

I love spending time outdoors, cooking, travelling, yoga, going to art exhibitions and reading a good book. My fave films are Lost in Translation, and anything by Wes Anderson, Cohen brothers or Studio Ghibli. I’m obsessed with south Asian food (although I kind of cheat by using Gousto – it’s just so good!).



My dog Pippa is a beautiful wire-haired standard-size dachshund. She looks a bit like a baby seal!



Meditation and taking good care of my soul and body is really important to me and a part of my creative practice. I channel so much energy on a wedding day, and connect so much with people and the story of the day, so meditation keeps me centred and calm.




I come alive when I’m in nature, and my favourite thing is hiking in the nearby Peak District. I usually have my dog Pippa by side. Screen-free time outdoors recharges me! Sun on my face, getting freckles, lying in the grass with bare feet on the ground. Magic.


“Sun on my face, getting freckles, lying in the grass with bare feet on the ground. Magic.”


Let’s chat!

If you like my work and think we’d get on, pop me a message!